The Inner World

Do it for yourself,

Not for him/her,

Not for parent/family,

Not for anyone or anything else,

But seeking the truth of inner-self.


When I first introduced to yoga many years back, I totally have no idea what they are doing and somehow the curiosity that attracted me. Generally people thought that yoga is for elderly or therapeutic purposes and young people would prefer dances, gymnastics or more in physical strength usages. I don’t have any physical illness so far until now but as a teenager at that time, I have a problem in preserving my energy. Due to strong curiosity and outgoing personality, most of my time was spent outside of the house and often feel very tired after I reached home. Sometime I can even sleep over the weekend without doing anything, just to recharge my body after back from some events. I wasn’t a sleeping-habit person where I know that my body and mental need time to recover from excessive usage. Until I get to know yoga, it taught me how to preserve my energy and refresh my mind through meditation. I don’t like to use the words of ‘meditation’ as too many types of method and misinterpretation of the words. From my experience, I described it as the time when you come back to your inner-world, attention drawback and bonding within the physical and mental activities. Its easier to tolerate and control through the well connecting between physical and mental activities, this is where I learned how to manage my energy and emotion. This topic is yet to cover by our master. Well….. be patient and the day will come. Looking forward to learn more.


‘Action without vision is only passing time,

Vision without action is merely day dreaming,

But vision with action can change the world.’        -Nelson Mandela


Namaste ~~~


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