A whole new world

A whole world does not mean that I am new to yoga rather a new insight to the real yoga. I have been attending yoga classes in those commercial gyms, with no clue if I am doing those poses correctly. Frequently practicing yoga at these commercial gyms, I thought I was doing it very well and I thought I will not have problems passing in this RYS 200 hours course.
After the first day, it proved me so wrong. Even though I did strength training and strength endurance training regularly, that did not help when Master Paalu told us to hold in the Chaturanga position for 1o long breathe adding on with 20 –  30 push ups and the sequence repeat for another 2 more times. After getting us used to the correct Chaturanga position, it was time to rest – in the downward dog position. Downward dog pose should not be difficult for any yogi, but it is the correct posture, the nice 90 degree angle and the arms pressing down on the mat, that makes the difference. I was corrected many times by Assistant trainer, Enrica, and repeated the same mistakes before I finally realised my mistakes. And the day continued on with many other strength training exercises just to get us in shape.
To be honest, the second day when I woke up in bed, there was a moment of giving up. My body was aching badly and I could not imagined I had to be ‘tortured’ the same way as yesterday. Master Paalu’s face came into my sub-conscious mind and this reminded me of what he said during the theory class – What is my intention? With this, I pulled myself off bed and got prepared for the class that day.
Since then on, I asked myself this question daily ‘What is my intention?’ to make myself focused on what I need to achieve for this course and to bring the energy to come in to class everyday.
Min Yi
Weekday 200 hr

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