Within our own limits?

Knowing our own limits could be a delicate task. Instructors may say “do it within your own limits, don’t injure yourselves!”. But at times, we do try to push ourselves a little harder to “test” our limits. I did just that on Day One of YTT. I thought I could survive that “frog-jumping” streak of exercise. But unfortunately, my physical capability failed, and it rendered me big toe stubbed. Thank goodness the bones were still in place!

My swollen big toe would have led me to bid farewell to YTT, if not for those kind and encouraging advice from Master Max to hang me on. Well, I had to blame myself for not knowing my own limits, though.

Subsequent lessons incorporated with strength-building exercises swept away all my previous impressions of some “softy” yoga poses. Strong core muscles are needed, indeed (Savasana is an exception, of course). Reality kicked in. I knew I had to work harder to do those numerous asanas better. There is simply no magic..

Keeping a positive mindset and also watching those high-performing classmates in action are of great help. That’s a vital source of motivation to push myself further to keep up and expand my limits!

I guess all the capable ladies (and a lone-guy) in the class are all working hard and persevering to achieve their own new heights!  Keep it up!