is real.

I’m sure many of us who have been through the Yoga Teacher Training course would probably have felt the same.

After the stress and studying and trying to remember Sanskrit names of asanas, hours of practice and thousands of flipping and flopping around trying to get that headstand, all for that final day where you enter the studio with cold sweat and a palpitating heart.

The anxiety doesn’t stop there. Even after the exams have passed and you take time to enjoy the rest of the day, you can’t help but wonder what will happen next.

Will you continue to be diligent and focused in your practice?

I started practicing yoga as a novice at the start of this year, motivated to love and appreciate my body more. My practice was sporadic, attending classes here and there. Until Circuit Breaker came along and every day at home i glanced at my mat but did nothing more. Then came Phase 2 and i was up and running again! Attending just a couple of classes because it was a careful time.

The thought of 200 hours is a l o t, but when time came and the course began, things seemed to just happen. I don’t even remember blinking and here I am, sitting in a coffeeshop, reminiscing and penning this.

What comes next?

Nobody knows. Some of us may start honing a new career path. Some of us may continue with our practice for self improvement physically, mentally, spiritually. Some of us might even stop as we look to new events or activities in life.

I hope this post serves as a reminder to myself and maybe some of you who are reading; what you allow is what will continue

Allow myself to continue learning, growing, improving, and things will just fall into place.

Just like how I fell into this course with the greatest batch mates and teachers who have taught me everything else besides asanas. I can’t ever be thankful. These little things in life I will appreciate, and it is what motivates and inspires me to keep on practicing.