Why yoga?

Why yoga in my life?

I always wanted to learn yoga since small, maybe because I’m attracted to all different kinds of asanas performed. It’s kind a cool to see people doing all the extreme poses and I always wanted to be part of it. But my actually journey of yoga started when I fall into depression. I know my dark experience keep dragging me into it, and I keep fighting to come out of it….. I try to seek help from friends and family but no one seems to understand the situation that I was going through. I was lucky enough, when I found a mentor online who actually help direct my mind out of my mess, that is the moments in my life I realised all this while I was busy doing so much for other and I have done nothing for myself…

Then I decided, I’m going to start doing everything that I’m interested, and yoga was top on the list. I done a lot research online and finally I decided Tirisula is the best place for me. I was inspired by many Teachers here, including Sree, Evelyn and James. Today here I am attending my first yoga teacher training.

How yoga change my life?

Yoga always make me happy, even though I was tortured by my teachers in the class, it was a good torture I will say and it’s a good pain, I love it.My Teachers really help me a lot in improving my postures. My life got more focused on yoga and slowly I learn mediation too, it helps me focus in my daily life and definitely it helps in getting my way out of the depression and trauma that I have faced. I also found yoga can help to cure many health issues, and this become my strong WHY to choose yoga as my career in future.

I’m  not sure if I can be a good teacher, but I’m strong and dedicated in spreading the benefits of yoga to many others out there.

– Darshini Ramachandran