Why Yoga

by JO
There are so many sports and exercises good for our body so why did I choose yoga? I do not like going to the gym, jogging or fitness because I think this sport are not complete and I like to do something to challenge my body. This is why I am a dance teacher love dancing so much,  every dance move is done according to the music and every choreography is different. I once saw some interesting yoga pictures hanging in a mall and i was very impressed. When I looked at the pictures I thought  “wow, challenging poses, impressive balance and amazing flexibility….. Im going for it!”
I wanted to start yoga since i was 20 years old but i could’nt find a yoga class that teach systematically. In 2010, I meet a salsa dancer randomly and he told me he does ashtanga yoga. I was very lucky to be invited to his practice and he taught me the primary series started with the correct breath, posture and alignments, he shown me videos and some pictures, it’s inspired me. Since then i do my own practice once aweek, few months later i realised how amazing ashtanga yoga changes my body and healing my injury. My humstring mucles was over stretched while praticing ballet when i was early 20, could’nt do forward bend more then 90 degrees. As in yoga have a lot of forward bending positions, so was not easy for me at the beginning, but i never give up. When i feel the pain in forward bending position i stopped forcing myself going further just hold there for 5 breath and do that through out the whole practice. Always some strange pain appeared in my gluteus and hamstring after practice, fortunately it goes away after 2 to 3 days. I realized i can stretch even further after the strange pain relieved.
18 months later i deciced to take the ashtanga yoga teacher traning course to improve my skill, strength, breathing technique and knowledge about ashtanga yoga. There are so many different breathing techqiques and poses that help improve on the functions of organs, joints mobility and reduces stress. I again realized the benefit of ashtanga yoga, not only healing my injury and also mades me stronger and healthier especially my sensitive nose and i can easily fall asleep at night. I am not sure will i end up teaching yoga in my life but for sure this course is worth to do it. Now i understood my body better then before and appreciated what i have learnd during the yoga teacher training course and I am glad to meet a group of  friendly, caring and supportive classmates.

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