Why yoga?

I don’t remember how I stumbled across yoga. I believe it was a combination of me having read this entertaining piece by comedian Kelly Maclean, and my mother having encouraged me to work on my inflexibility (as a teenager, I could barely touch my shins in Uttanasana). It’s always a lovely mystery how we end up doing what we do. 

The first classes I attended were painful and made me want to run away. It’s surprising in hindsight how I managed despite that, to show up on the mat every now and then. 

It must’ve been the subconscious at work, because I only realised later on why I was drawn to yoga — I wanted an activity rooted in universal wisdom, one that taught about the mind, body and spirit connection. Yoga practice satisfies this curiosity that many of us share, as it teaches beyond the physical. It is universal intelligence, a healing modality. While the 200-hour teacher training course can only provide a sneak peek, I hope to continue sharing its knowledge with others whose lives it can benefit.