Why Sirsasana?

Why Sirsasana?
How does inversions like Sirsasana affect our body? For the first time in my life I did head stand, I loved it and I always long to do the head stand because it makes me feel refreshed and it gives med a sort of balance in both my body and mind.
But how does the inversions really affect our body? People use normally around 10% of their alveolas capacity in a normal daily life.  Through activity you can train your alveolas and use a larger amount of them and you train your heart activity. When you do the Sirsasana or any other asana inversion you reduce the heart rate but increase the stroke volume. This increases the capacity of your breath. The stroke volume is measured in litres per hour. When doing an inverted asana like the sirsasana, the volume of blood per minute is increased and the heart size increases and this makes the strokes bigger and stronger to be able to transport the blood throughout your body’s system.  Inverted positions could be compared with an upright standing position, just to give a reference, where the blood pressure decreases which leads to that less blood and oxygen is transported to the brain. When you go upside down to do a head stand you take take shallow long breaths, keep steady, put weight on your elbows and the dristi, gaze, on your nose tip, tight core muscles and strong but relaxed legs.
The inversions not only improves your heart, thanks to the anti gravity inverted asanas can have anti aging effect too. And it helps you balance and stay focused.
The Sirsasana is a perfect asana to improve your oxygen uptake, improve your hearts capacity and to make you feel rejuvenated.
Sirsasana Headstand

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