Why I practice yoga?

My yoga journey started 10 years back, but it was intermittent and general practice of Hatha vinyasa. The real practice started 2 years back after my medical check-up with visceral fat level touching the red line.

By then I stopped most vigorous sports like marathon and badminton that cause pain to wrist and knee, and also swimming which I find hard to see improvement of reducing body weight and it only trained certain part of body.

So I signed up a yoga studio package as I know it should be moderate exercise and force myself to be disciplined on regular practice.

The very first few weeks there changed my mind, my weight dropped 5 kg and I never sweat so much by just doing stretching poses on a mat. I was addicted and report to studio daily for 3-4 classes, in the morning, during my lunch break, in the evening…Until I injured my thorax muscle twice and force to take a long break.  

During the recovery I realised even for Yoga if I did it excessively will not do any good to the body. So I started to choose gentle classes that can prepare myself for longer journey and most importantly to prevent further injuries.

Surprisingly when I did that I can see faster and greater improvement, and I felt the benefit even more. Slowly, I able to do many poses gracefully and breath longer than before, which I started to felt the ‘easiness’ and enjoyment of yoga.

Eventually it led me to the idea of joining a YTT to learn more and help people go through their journey with no injuries (hopefully). As I replied to Master Sree for his question on why I join YTT, I said “In yoga, I realised that the more I learnt, the less I know.”