Why is there a need for a Master? Why can't i just read books, watch video, self-learn in the internet?

This question has arised in many people’s minds in the last 20 years that i have been exposed to the practice. Each time when i answer to the student’s queries regarding this, it is like climbing Mount Everest. If you have not climbed any mountain, or for that matter, any hill, you do not know the experience. The need for the Master is an important aspect of one’s Sadhana.
Catalytic agents are required so that most substances take active part in the reactions according to scientists. Without the presence of a catalyst, the reaction cannot happen. Like water is made from the combination of oxygen and hydrogen, but they combine only if electricity is present as a catalytic agent. If the all important electricity is not present, the reaction cannot take place. However, electricity does not have a direct role in the process of bringing both oxgen and hydrogen together. But the presence of electricity is critical to the process. The electricity does not change. As this example, there many examples as to why a catalytic agent is required for many chemical reactions. For the seeker in Sadhana, a catalytic agent is required to transform and transcend.
The Master is like a catalyst. The master does not do anything, he goes on performing his own tasks like electricity, but without the presence of the Master, nothing will happen to the student. In his radiant presence, something happens within the student. The student will be completely swamped in the energy field of the Master and strength arise in the student. The strength is the students’ not the Masters’. Music appears. Vibrancy starts. Dance begins. But without the Master, nothing will happen. A book, video, DVD, will not give you the impetus to radiate. No current can be produced, no enlightening energy field is created, just stale, old book, video and DVD.
When a sincere seeker sits with the master, both get fulfilled. The master is contented and seeker is also contented. When you melt with the Master, the transmission of the light and lamp happens radiantly. The initiation will arise, you will be able to practice the system systematically. Thousands of things happen at the same to the millions of cells in the body and brain. The initiation happens without any initiation. The seeker who sincerely takes to the spiritual path without the Master and begins to do systematic sadhana finds oneself face to face with certain peculiar difficulties and disappointing experiences. This may dismay and discourage the beginner. But these problems and obstacles are common to many aspirants. Therefore it is important to know and understand about them, and to implement suitable methods of overcoming them.
So don’t be misled by online Yoga teacher training, videos and books.

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