Why I sign up for YTTC 200h?

Prior this, I was initially planning to sign up for Yoga 200h when I reach 25 years old; 2 years later. The reason was I feel that I lacked experience because usually I attend yoga beginner classes in the gyms. I did not expect to take a big step to further my yoga practice.

Previously, I saw the requirements to other studios and usually requires or recommended to attend some yoga classes in the studio before attending the YTTC 2h. The mindset I had was I am not ready….

These are misconceptions I learnt after attending YTTC 200h:

1. You need to be flexible.
This is totally wrong. Flexible can be trained and developed by making adjustment and learning how to stretch the right muscles correctly to prevent injury. Definitely flexible cannot be achieved overnight, but with the right mindset and perseverance you will definitely improve!

2. You need to be practice at least 6 months.
Tirisula is a good place to learn even for beginners! The yoga instructors are friendly and give advices. Have a humble attitude and open mind to learn.

3. Yoga is religious.
Definitely this is so untrue! Yoga is practice by many religious. Yoga is not a religion. It is an ancient practice which has many health benefits. The asanas practice challenges me and purify the body. Kapalabahati is a good practice every morning to increase energy to start the day with positive energy.

4. Yoga is too expensive.
Yoga nowadays are accessible. Studios offering from $10/class via online streaming.YouTube is accessible to everyone and its FREE! There is no harm doing yoga at the comfort of your home but nothing beats practicing at the yoga studio with a yoga instructor correcting your posture!

5. Yoga is too slow.
I have one colleague who shared with me that she will never do yoga because its too slow for her. There are many variations of yoga classes. If you like heart pumping, maybe power yoga or flow yoga will be more suitable.

6. Older people cannot do yoga.
I have seen people who are in their 50s who are stronger than me! They can do inversions such as bakasana (crow pose) and sirsasana (headstand) effortlessly! Imagine your parent’s age doing things that are better than you. Never say it is too late to join yoga class.