Why I Do Yoga?

I remember when I was still working in my home country. I was one time searching for yoga studio there but seems like at that time I only found one, I actually don’t remember how I knew about yoga maybe because I was fond of reading geography and wellness articles. Growing up sickly would really let you be more concerned about health and trying to find panacea for all health related illnesses. Sadly the studio was out of my budget and I got caught up with work and other things on the sideline so I didn’t get to enrol in the studio.

Fast forward, I came to Singapore for work and since I am huge fan of treating the root cause of illnesses and not just the symptoms so I am trying to follow a good diet and right amount of exercises, read about health and nutrition. I joined HIIT classes, did running – even a marathon, learned the right food for my body type thus learning about ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. So with this mindset, I find myself naturally inclined to alternative medicines like TCM, Functional Medicine, Naturopathy and Ayurveda. So my curiosity about yoga has arisen and thus I enrolled in a studio but after 6 months I had a wrist fracture and causing my practice to stop and eventually got busy with other mundane of day-to-day life.

Came along covid and suddenly the feeling of being trapped engulfed my being. I used to go back home to Philippines every 3 months and also travel around to different countries. Covid has brought me so much time at home and has made me think about life more and also has given me so much stress like thinking of losing my job, what will happen to my sister who is currently recuperating from stroke and is half paralysed, how am I gonna support my family. But one thing that surpasses these thoughts is how am I gonna make it through each day with these feelings I have. I found myself watching a yoga video on youtube and slowly following it. The rest is history.

So why yoga? Well, for me yoga has helped me clear my mind and make me think of what’s really at hand and important and not just apprehend of what might happen in the future. I am not good in yoga but I am trying to incorporate it in my life like just the simple breathing exercises, being mindful of what I am currently doing, mindful of my choices in life. I still have a long long way to go and I am hoping one day I will have the confidence and wisdom to impart yoga to other people so I can help them too the same way as how yoga has helped me.