Why did I start Yoga?

This post is about my personal yoga journey, documenting why I started Yoga.

Possibly similar to many, my yoga journey started as a fitness regime. About 1.5 years ago, I was based in Krakow, Poland on an international work assignment. I enjoy having an active lifestyle and running outdoors was not just my go-to workout, I really enjoyed it as it took my mind off whatever stresses I had in life. However, running was not possible when winter started to creep in. I started to research on alternative workout options – gyms, climbing etc.

Coincidentally, I found a yoga studio just a stone throw away (literally 3 minutes if I had walked slowly) from my apartment. I registered for a class that suited my work schedule, which turned out to be an ashtanga primary series led class. What are the chances that the first yoga class that I had signed up for being so tough and challenging? Just to share, the last time I tried yoga was a good 10+ years ago when I was still a teenager. I was warned at the registration counter that it was a tough class, and I thought to myself, GREAT! Exactly what I was looking for, right?

The class turned out to be REALLY challenging both in terms of my strength and flexibility. As a runner, I was very used to working on the lower half of my body. For those of you who have tried Ashtanga yoga (and for those of you who have not), there are COUNTLESS of chaturangas, whereby the strength of the upper body was key. And not forgetting, the number of jump backs and jump throughs as transitions between the seated postures, that focused strongly on the core.

If I recall correctly, it was this feeling of being so beaten that made me want to visit the studio to better my practice, over and over again.

The yoga studio was also a place that I had forged deep friendships with the locals, which made my life in Krakow feel like my second home. What can I say besides, I feel really lucky and blessed to have found yoga. It is a journey that started on fitness but has now developed into a deeper interest and I hope to learn more about yoga, how to apply it to my daily life and hopefully, one day, will be able to enrich the lives of people around me.