Why Attend Yoga Classes?

You have been to some random yoga class and all you did was just to follow their instructions. If you felt that the class was really bad, then it was better off following yoga tutorials on youtube at home while saving some money not having to pay for classes.

With technology, anything is possible and I think that the idea is brilliant. I mean it’s free! However, the issue is discipline and chances that you will do it consistently over time is really slim. With that said, even practising at home is tough. You are more likely to not push yourself and have no one to correct you properly.

If you didn’t like a class you attended then try another better one. By attending a class, you will be more disciplined in your practice and also meet like-minded people. The teacher can also adjust you if necessary and look out for your safety.

At a class, you can also ask questions and clarify any doubts which you may have. With constant practice, your progression will definitely improve much faster.

Darren Koh
March 2018 YTT Weekend Warrior

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