Why always start Asanas from right side?

It was puzzled me quite a long time every time when I practise the yoga, and now, I would like to share my findings. It views from prana, traditional, and scientific aspects.

  1. Prana

Prana is energy in your body, which is through the whole body, centralized spine area, and it visualized as two snakes enwind the spine, below picturesque described how the prana likes

These two snakes known as left vein and right vein, and spine in the middle is known as mid-vein, the balance in the Yin and Yang is called HATHA in Sanskrit.  “HA” represents the Sun or Yang prana, “THA” represents the Moon or Yin prana, so “HATHA” is balance of Yin and Yang, and it one of the purpose of yoga.

2. Traditional

It is traditional in India, to give a gift with right hand when you walk to a new house, take your first step with your right foot.

It’s respective and inheritance from the prophets.

3. Scientific

When we twisting, always start from right side, because the organs, especially digestive system, is clockwise movement, twist from right side can helps digesta move from transverse colon to descending colon and finally discharge out.

When we move out from savasana, turn first to right side, as the heart is on the left side, and then to the right side to distribute the blood evenly through gravity.

When we move the right side, the left brain is active, which governs the rational part. That is to say, our practice starts from reason, and then move to the right brain, which is emotional, creative, quiet and meditative. It’s easy to remember that it’s just a tradition, well no matter which side start with, remember to do it on both sides, to balance the body and mind.