I start to smile from the inside. Something stirs inside me and makes me happy. There are many changes I have noticed in my body and my thoughts. Sitting at the KL airport on the way home from the teacher training I began to think about how different I felt to when I sat in the same airport 3 weeks ago.
There have been many physical changes in my body, some of which are apparent to me and I am sure some of which are not. I don’t think I have lost any weight, this is not important to me.  My hair is much healthier than it has been and my skin feels softer. I have noticed the veins on my skin are more visible so my circulation must be changing. I feel refreshed with a new energy burning inside me.
 It gives me awareness to notice and appreciate the amazement of the world. Walking along I stop to see the intricate design in a spiders web and smile at the fact that there is water falling out of the sky. It brings me back to nature and the magic of the world. Paalu told everyone I was impatient and I agree that at some times I am. I do feel leaving the course I may have gained a little more patience and acceptance that people will not always be on time or do what you see as the obvious thing. I believe that it is the wholeness approach of Ashtanga yoga that helps me feel like this. I have done asana practice and 30 day challenges but none of them have the same effect as this teacher training and an intensive ashtanga retreat I have done in the past. They both incorporated the 8 limbs of yoga. Bringing Pranayama, asanas and meditation together throughout the practice and encouraging us to incorporate the 8limbs into our lifestyle. I seem to have such a change when I practice all of these elements together.
The last retreat I did I came out with the motto: no expectations, no disappointments. When you approach life with this attitude you will appreciate things for what they, not what you expect of them. I seemed to have lost that thought over the last couple of years but it now has meaning and understanding for me once again.

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