When you practice yoga very hard but pretend to be very relaxed. I like it!

Your temperament is remarkable when you practice yoga

Asanas are not difficult but also not simple. When you do a simple asana, you will be easier to get the coordination between your breath and body because you take it seriously even it’s just a simple asana.

You feel the extension in your every inhale and feel relaxation in your exhale. You will find the soft space in your every breath.

You will find your root in your tadasana.

You will find your steady in your forward bend.

You will find your flexibility in your back bend.

When you do the advanced asanas.

You are bravely to try even you cannot make it.

You are trying your best without struggling.

The expression in your eyes are still gentle and calm.

You are modesty when you make it.

You know what you need is continuous concentration.

You will find release when you do twisting.

You will find balance when you do inversion.

You will find power when you do arm balancing.

I like yoga. How about you?