What’s next after YTT

To be honest, I don’t know. After quitting my corporate job and I was thinking of what should I do or learn before moving on to something permanent. I stumbled upon Tirisula & saw the course commencement date and figured why not. I took it as a sign as I have been rejecting corporate offers because my gut is telling me no & my last day was originally 31 May. So I took a plunge & took a step out of my comfort zone.

After 2 weeks in this course, I realized that I am not at all equipped to be a teacher, I have no confidence to take on potential risks for students yet. And Sree shared a story about a fisherman relaxing onshore, & how an English man tried to convince him to make more money just to build a house to relax but the fisherman told him that he’s already relaxing and he doesn’t need a big house for that. That struck something in me, and I have always based my motivation around money for survival. But that would be an endless goal because no amount is enough. We will always want more and end up sacrificing more.

I know clearly that I wouldn’t want to go back to corporate life as thinking back on the potential political culture & human relation problems gives me the shudders. For now, I will focus on projecting my energy and drive into refining my practice. Things will fall into place one day.