What yoga means to me

In 2015 Autumn, I left Korea and started my life in Singapore. Without my family and friends, everything was new to me and it was not easy to fit myself into a new life. After work, I din’t want to talk to my flatmates because I felt so tired of speaking in English. At that time I went to a gym every day and that’s the way I managed my stress. It helped, but I felt I need more than a physical exercise.

I was lucky to find the teachers that I connected to quickly. They taught me how mind is important in yoga practice, not just physical practices and fancy poses. Also they gave me a constant reminder that the ego to become better than others and excel in physical practice needs to be dropped. It is not aligned with true yoga. I was hooked by the fact that there is no competition in yoga. There is no point to push yourself too hard to get stressed out – If you feel good about yourself and content with the moment, that’s enough. One of the reason I decided to pursue the yoga teacher training is to help others to understand yoga like the way I did.

It’s becoming 3 years since I started yoga practice and I’ve enjoyed understanding different types of yoga and teachers in the world. There is no goal or end point, certain types of people allowed to do yoga – everyone can enjoy their own yoga and its benefits. That’s what yoga means to me.