What YOGA has enlightenment me?

Being a self-employed career woman who is always on the move, always juggling myself among my work, my 2 growing kids and all the chores in the house, life is so hectic that I do not have any time left for myself. To me, time is always not sufficient and I feel lost and constantly lethargic.
Honestly, When was the last time we did nothing?Like absolutely nothing. No talking, tweeting, texting, or even thinking about what we are going to do next or what we did the day before.Just being there with the present moment, absorbing the silence.For most people, it’s hardly ever….Deep inside my heart, I have this desire to look for the real me. I feel that it is time for me to find a way to distress myself so as to strike a balance in my life, to have a breathing space in my life.
I am not sure how and where did I gather the courage to bring myself to explore yoga, an area which I have not ventured before. The first few days were just plain ‘hell’ training for an amateur like me who did not have any basic training at all.  To my surprise, my body got accustomed to the training and shortly after which I was neither feeling the sore nor aches that much. My body is telling me that it ‘enjoys’ yoga!
It is really fate that brought me to learn from 2 great Masters – Master Paalu and Satyia Wei Ling! They really open my eyes to the true techniques of yoga. Based on their vast experience over the years, coupled with their patience and selfless coaching, the wisdom they imparted and shared with me enabled me to treasure and look forward to the valuable theory sessions. Master Paalu is always so selfless in sharing with us and teaching us on how to adopt a different perspective in life. He taught me how to see things in a different scope so that I can truly understand and to know the true me.
Every lesson is a gift to me. I am always learning something new from Master Paalu as he never fails to enlighten us. All his teaching has really given me tremendous help. After such a long time, I have finally rediscovered the part of me that was never known to me. I LOVED his talk. I was truly inspired by what he said, and it makes me realize how I can forget to live in the moment….often.
I am very thankful to have the good fortune to have met these 2 marvellous masters who have taught me not just the techniques of yoga but the true meaning and essence of yoga and more importantly they enable me to see life in a different but clearer perceptive and in the process I am able to bond with my true self.
Yoga is more than just an exercise. It is an art that teaches us how to connect with our inner self and with life itself. While it trains me physically to be stronger, the inner spirit of yoga teaches me to grow stronger mentally and to have the strength and wisdom to see through all the haste and hurry. It teaches me to face myself in a calm and yet positive manner. I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience that serenity that yoga has brought me.
Fiona Thim