What weird and wonderful yoga styles are out there?

During the final week of YTT at Tirisula Yoga, we have been learning about the business side of yoga. Master Sree has spoken about his most popular class where his students practise fun postures, like forward roles that they have not practised since childhood. This idea intrigued me because I’m a primary school teacher and children like to have fun. We tend to be less concerned about fun as adults.

I have come to understand and appreciate that Vinyasa, Hatha and Ashtanga are the main styles of yoga, but what are some of the more unusual styles that have surfaced in more recent time?

1 Yoga Rave – As Yoga Rave put it “The Yoga Rave Project will bring the spiritual element back to celebration and the way we have fun, offering a drug free alternative for our youth to gather and release their energy and tension.”

2 Goat yoga is yoga practiced in the presence of — and in tandem with – live goats.

3 Broga Yoga is a yoga class geared for men (where it’s okay if you can’t touch your toes).

4 Laughter Yoga is one of the more developed unusual styles of Yoga, counting with its own world conferences and even its own “Laughter Yoga University.”

5 Tantrum Yoga is a yoga class shaking, screaming, foot-stamping and chest-thumping.

Master Sree spoke about teaching from the mind and inspiring others rather than doing the same. I intend to spend some time trying out some different styles and planning some more creative lessons… maybe I’ll try one of these classes if I can find one online.