What was the biggest change that occurred during my first week of TTC?

I have just completed the first week of my TTC training.

I have learned so much in this past week, but one of the biggest lessons of them all was the importance of raising awareness to my own body, by giving myself ample time to study my body on a daily basis. I was able to notice slight quirks and conditions of my body by performing Asana.

When most people think of yoga, “flexibility” probably first comes to mind (I was also one of those people before I started TTC) but in actuality proper body alignment, stability and increasing are just as important as flexibility, if not more. Very basic Asana is performed over and over in the first week of TTC, to allow you to build the foundation of the aforementioned aspects.

With that being said, I noticed that there are similarities to poses that are difficult to perform, and poses that help realign your body.

For example:

・The unnecessary protruding of my butt during the chair pose was corrected

・I was told that there is pressure on my back when performing the downward facing dog

・My back hurt every time I performed a back-rounding pose, such as the Pawan Muktasana

・I couldn’t properly twist for twisting poses


The reason?

The cause of these problems was lordosis. Lordosis is an excessive inward curvature of the lower back.

During the class, Master Paalu said, “Stand with your back on the wall. If your fist fits in the curvature of your back, you have Lordosis.” I tried it and sure enough, my fist fit between my back and the wall. I noticed at that moment that all my problems with my back were being caused by the excessive curvature of my back.

The excessive curvature of my waist was causing imbalances in my shoulder blades, shoulders, and upper back. I always had chronic pain in the region between my shoulder blades and the spine below the shoulder blades. I would feel a huge knot just by breathing in deeply. I had always felt better after receiving a massage or going to a physical therapist, only for the pain to return after some time.

Master Paalu advised that I should focus on twisting my body, and I continued this for a while. I also researched and tried solutions for lordosis, and voila, the back pain that had long haunted me got much better! If you have pain in your shoulder and back like I used to, you just might have lordosis as well. You may be able to cure with just a little bit of training, as I was able to.

We, including myself, are part of a generation that is constantly busy and spend the majority of our days sitting in front of a computer or fiddling with our smartphones, and as a result have our wellbeing and time to focus on our bodies very low on our priority list.

Even just 10 to 15 minutes a day is enough, so I plan on performing Asana every day to be able to be able to understand where I may have issues in my body, and to be able to fix these issues on a daily basis.