What to pack for labour

What to pack for your labour.
As you due date approaches it’s time to think about what to pack for your stay in hospital.
I was advised to pack two bags. One for you, and one for your baby.
So what do you pack for yourself? Well,the list is long.
For the labour and after:
Dressing gown. This will be useful if you end up pacing hospital corridors in early labour.Slippers
Socks,believe it, you feet will get cold during labour.
Nightdress or t-shirt.
Snacks and drinks.You might need energy food to keep you going.
Hair band or clips.
Favourite music, to help you relax.
Charge for your phone. Make sure your phone has credit .
Digital camera.
Change of clothes,toiletries…
For your baby: 
Baby blanket.
Baby wipes and nappies.
Pacifier,if you like to use one.
Baby clothes,hats and mittens
  Nappy cream
I’m sure that there are more things to pack,this is only a guideline to help you.
For me the best thing that I’ve packed was my baby’s first outfit.
It’s been so long since my daughter was born, but every time I enter her room I get the reminder of how small she was because her first outfit has been beautifully framed and is on the wall above her bed.
By Aggie

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