What makes my favorite yoga class?

As I am going through my lessons plan, I thought it would be helpful to reflect on what make me enjoy a yoga class, so that I can learn from the best practices that I have observed.

I remember a favorite teacher of mine used to say “you should try every teacher’s class as everyone is very different”. Clearly each teacher has very different style – military, relaxing, funny, serious etc… but for me – all of my favorite teacher has one thing in common – they always give me the best experience during their class, regardless of class difficulty level.

So… what does experience mean?

“Something that happens to you that affects how you feel” – Cambridge Dictionary

These teachers made me feel by:

  1. Giving me time to experience my pose – they talk just enough, and give me time to enjoy and go deeper in the pose. I recall taking some very beginner classes yet still enjoying them because each time it felt different for each posture.
  2. They remind me to keep breathing – either by simply saying “keep breathing” or maintain their very steady breath. As a teacher student – we all know now breathing is a very important aspect of yoga.
  3. They gently correct my posture – and through that enabling me to go deeper and deeper into my practice.
  4. They set the stage – by chanting and dimming the light. I found white fluorescent light stressful – it reminds me of a hawker center!