What i’ve learnt thanks to yoga

I am relatively new to yoga, but since our paths crossed, yoga enlightened my outlook in life, my relationship with others and how I manage stress and negative energies overall.

Stress, anxiety is a part of life, it happens from time to time. When something is inevitable, we can at least learn to manage it the best we can.  How long and how intensely we allow ourselves to think stressful thoughts will determine the health of our mind. I’ve listed 3 things that really help me in my daily routine and sticking to this every morning helps me to check my reactions and be able to reflect on my thoughts throughout the day.

1. Positive mindsets and enjoy every moment in the present

Remind yourself what you have right now and stop thinking about what you don’t have – health, food, clean water, warmth and comfort as well as people who care about you. Walk away from ideas and situations which cause anxiety. Live fully in the present, stop living in the past or waiting for the future.

2. Breath and movements

Practice Asanas and pranayama as often as possible- participate in an online class or even just do 5 sun salutations by yourself to change the way you feel. The best time to do your yoga practice is in the morning with an empty stomach. Do this whenever possible. It’s invaluable to start the day with the right frame of mind together with your body feeling robust and strong.

3. Gratitude

Feel gratitude whenever you can, especially during these unprecedented times.
Let’s find joy in this slower pace of life. Recognize the quietness and clean air in our environment. Cherish the moments you are gifted to have with your family, loved ones during these current difficult times. When you feel anxious and feel like a victim, take deep breaths to reset your perspective. Find positives in every situation, always look at the bright side.