What Is Your Niche?

One of the questions which was posed to us by Master Paalu is “What is your niche?” Many of us would have to decide which segment(s) of the market do we want to go into as a yoga teacher. Corporates? Therapy? Children? Pre-natal? Gyms? Community Centres? And many more options out there.
Whether you have decided on it or not, here are some interesting yoga practices in the market now which I came across:
Horseback Yoga
You might be thinking that this is crazy but yes, this is happening in Colorado and Jessie Tierney, Founder of Horseback Yoga says  “Horseback Yoga teaches you how to unite with your equine partner in a meaningful way, through calming your mind, conscious breathing, heightening awareness, and gently opening tight spaces in the body.”
SUP Yoga
Or also known as the Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga. It focuses on your strength, flexibility and balance reflex. Yoga asanas (poses) are sometimes modified and class sequences are arranged to suit the sea conditions for that session. Imagine doing your Savasana on the sea as your board rocks gently from side to side.
Food Yoga
​I think you can either agree or disagree with this. Imagine that a fully catered meal is served immediately after a full yoga workout. According to a feature in the New York Times: “As soon as the lights went up, dinner was served on the floor: an (almost) seamless transition designed to allow the yogis to taste, smell and digest in a heightened state of awareness.”
In deciding which market segment to target, you might want to think of the following factors:
Product/ Service – It should meet the needs and wants of the target market
Price – Consider the market price range of similar products. High end or mass market? What is the cost and profit margin?
Place – Think about the ambience that you would like to create. Consider also the rental cost and location.
Promotion – What are your promotions avenues? Social media? Advertisements?
After you have decided on your market segment, ask yourself this: What is your competitive advantage i.e. advantages that you have over your competitors?
Some food for thought: Is there even competition in the first place? How do we balance the essence of Yoga i.e. Yamas & Niyamas and business at the same time?
By Jan Tan, 200hrs Weekday Class

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