what is yoga to me.

Yoga, what is yoga to me? I feel that everyone uses yoga in different ways. Some people use yoga as spiritual guidance, fitness, a way to calm the mind, or even just to impress others. Some may look down upon others using it wrongly. While some may not mind and not let it bother them. Yoga is a self-practice, a practice just for you. Yoga to me is both body and mind. I use it to calm and de-stress my mind into a healthier state. I would say that I’m still just at the beginning of my yoga journey, I still have so much to learn and feel. I do yoga to train my body and be strong and feel good. I also use it for the mind, to calm the mind, see clearer, to balance myself and enjoy life more peacefully. To rid of all the unnecessary unpleasant feelings that we all struggle with. Yoga is a way of life, it’s the way to a happy life.
My future plan for yoga is to learn and improve, I want to learn everything from the asanas to meditation to the chakras to the best of my knowledge. I want to understand it and teach others.