What is Yoga?

When I first practised Hatha Yoga a few years ago, it was like a trend that people wanted to try out. I was one of them who was excited and wanted to find out what Yoga is all about.
After I attended for half a year, Yoga to me is about Asanas and nothing else. Soon I got bored of the Asanas and stopped Yoga classes. It is till recently that I have joined Tirisula Yoga that it become an eye opener for me. The mysteries that has been with me for all these years has finally been resolved.
I am taught Yoga Philosophy and Anatomy beside practising Asanas in the intensive course. In my personal view, Yoga is unification of the Body, Mind and Soul to achieve Samadhi. It is about knowing your mind, how mind can play “tricks” on us such that it will directly affect my energy level when I practise Asanas. In addition, it also affects my trust in myself that I cannot go deeper and explore more about my body in each posture. Personally, I feel that Asanas do wonders to me, that I have never expect my body to go so far that I can do certain difficult posture. I feel radiant and energetic from within after each session.
Pranayama is the control of the life force energy through discipline and regulation. In another words, pranayama is breath control. Patanjali defines pranayama as “the regulation of the incoming and outgoing flow of breath with retention.”
In the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, one of the limbs, Pranayama is certainly a great discovery! The right breathing technique has certainly breathe life into me. When I first started, I was panting after half an hour of Asanas and was tired and need a break. As I’m slightly anaemic, I often feel dizzy in the course of practice. After being taught by Guru and Master Trainer about Pranayama, I begin to feel the differences in my body and my energy level has certainly elevated. I feel better each day and can even go deeper into each Asanas. How Amazing and Powerful it is!
Yoga is about Self-Discovery, Self-Reflection, Self-Rectification, Awareness and Cleansing of our Mind, Body and Soul and that in today’s society, it is slowly disintegrating and revealing the frailties of human beings. If one could embrace the teaching of Yoga, I trust that the world will be a more beautiful earth to dwell in happiness.
Kudos to Yoga Guru Paalu, Master Weiling and the seniors for their sharing.

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