What is Yoga?

The question “what is yoga?” seems easy to answer but it is not easy to explain all the meanings of it to a yoga beginner. Personally, I thought “yoga” was the unification of Mind, Body and Soul as perhaps most people would think – until the day master Satya (Miss Wei) explained it carefully in the class, then it made even more sense to me. Just as a yoga beginner my thoughts were not entirely correct. Initially yoga is the unification of body and soul without mind, at the highest state there will be no soul and no body. I had no experience with meditation, but I understood what she meant when she spoke of “Yoga”.
During the course I never felt tired or sleepy even though I had been suffering from the flu since the first day. Master Paalu and Satya have given me so much knowledge about yoga, so much more than I could have imagined and it has energized me.  I feel like a door has been opened for me, now I have to prepare myself so I can walk steadily through that door to explore more beautiful things about yoga. It all depends on me now. I can firmly say that after 9 years of practice my life now is completely about yoga. Life now means much more for me. Aside from my family, I also have yoga.

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