What is Yoga ??

Before I took up YTT, I did my yoga in the commercial gyms (LM Bodybalance, Hot Yoga, Yoga Flow etc). To me, yoga is just a series of stretches and fanciful movements. Friends love taking nice yoga poses outside Marina Bay Sands and post them on Instagram. SHOWOFF !

After the 10th lesson, there is so much to learn besides poses.  Yoga is so different from  the ones in my gym. There is so much  to learn. From the mediation and philosophy part (e.g. dharma, food, chakra, pranayama  etc) and I can’t believe how Asree and locals study it in ancient India.

On thing that I will want to teach my students will be pranayama breathing and mediation. This is so important in the modern world. People are so stressed out at work.

OK … back to Sanskrit