What is the most boring part in yoga for you?

Yoga teaches us to be present and engaged with the moment. It teaches us to breath steadily and be patient with ourselves. Yoga increase your energy and calms the mind. It increases flexibility, mobility, muscle strength and builds stamina. It releases physical and mental stress.  But there are times we feel bored in our yoga practice. Especially for some beginners who does not have that discipline, focus and awareness yet. I have gathered some feedbacks from friends on what makes them feel bored in practicing yoga:
1. Breathing part is boring!
2. Counting is so slow
3. Boring when no music
4. Boring when practicing alone
5. Some boring teachers!

I believe yoga becomes boring because it is either you are not training under proper mentor or you are not doing with all your focus on the Asana that you are doing. So, what is the most boring part in yoga for you?