There exists an abundance of universal cosmic energy around us

and we can use it for healing. This cosmic energy is called Reiki. Singapore is slowly being exposed to the usage of Reiki, especially in hospice and hospital.   

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy. It is an ancient Japanese hands-on healing modality based on the transference of vital energy. Reiki is a complete system of healing that transforms and heals the body and mind. Utilizing the methods within the Reiki system, the Reiki practitioner transfers healing energy, via the hands to another.

Anyone can learn this healing art.


All that is required is a desire to learn and the attunement (initiation) from a qualified Reiki Teacher / Master. Paalu and Satya are both Reiki (Singapore)
Grand Masters. Attunement into Reiki is a necessary step, as this allows the alignment with the Reiki frequency. With this alignment our energy merges with the Reiki energy and we become a conduit or channel, much like a radio being tuned to a station. With this opening the person has this energy available and it can then be applied for the healing effects to numerous situations.


Reiki energy is the healing energy of the Universe. It represents a matrix of non-dualistic energy, which permeates all things. A Reiki practitioner harnesses this vital energy via a series of attunements, which in effect, switch on, the ability to transfer Reiki energy to oneself and others.


This transmission of this energy comes via a Reiki Teacher / Master, someone who knows the precise methods for creating this alignment within the practitioner. Once this alignment is complete, the practitioner can then use this healing energy in a variety of ways to restore the body, mind and emotions into a harmonious state. Reiki has beneficial results for those who give, as well as those who receive it.


The way Reiki is applied is via the hands. The practitioner simply places their hands on the corresponding Chakras, Meridians and organs, transferring healing to the recipient.

The result is a deeply relaxing experience for both the practitioner and the person receiving.


No movement is required when giving a treatment and it is not necessary to remove clothing or to fix the mind in deep focus to achieve its healing effects. Some of the immediate benefits from a treatment are reduced stress, inner peace and deep rest.


Reiki incorporates a number of practical healing techniques, which are easy and effective in their application and method. Reiki is an excellent technique for stress management, as well as being a complementary treatment to western Allopathic Medicine.

The transference of Reiki healing actually increases the bodies’ natural ability to heal itself.

Energy is the foundation of all life, so it makes sense that if we have more energy constantly available to us, the more we gradually enhance our health and personal well being.




Benefits of Reiki Healing

The benefits of learning Reiki are many and the Reiki system provides such a large scope of possibilities. Here is an overview of some of the key points.

  • Reiki not only heals the physical body, it works towards healing the cause of illness, thereby eliminating the effects of the imbalance.
  • Lasts a lifetime. Once you have the attunements, regardless of whether you use the energy consciously or not, it is always with you.
  • Can be successfully combined with other healing methods and is a useful tool to have, which can be incorporated into daily life. It does not conflict with religious beliefs therefore it is a teaching that can be used by anyone.
  • Self-empowering healing method. One has the ability to heal oneself and this generates greater self-reliance. It is also an alternative, natural healing method, which is an additional way to heal your body and your mind.
  • Promotes the qualities of love and compassion. With ongoing use a deep peace begins to permeate your life.
  • Intelligent energy. It goes to the greatest need for the highest good of all concerned.
  • Begins to flow when you touch something; it’s always on. Think of all the things you touch each day, then think of how Reiki could be of benefit.
  • Does not interfere with medical treatments; it actually enhances medications and assists the body to heal at an optimum rate.
  • An excellent tool for healing problems and for manifesting positive outcomes to numerous situations.
  • Can be used on animals, plants, children or any living being.
  • Calms nervous tension, calms fears and subdues negative emotions. It is also a useful technique for being guided and protected throughout your life.
  • Highest form of healing energy, it is always safe and can never harm.
  • Available 24 hours a day, right there in your hands.


Sounds too good to be true? Try it and you will know. Reiki healing is done 1 to 1, each session lasting for about an hour. The number of sessions required would depend on individual. Read more about Reiki Healing 1-on-1.


To be attuned as a Reiki healer, click on Reiki Healing Course for details.