What is Karma?

This is one of the theory lessons in my YTT’s journey. Since from young, we are always heard about the word of “Karma”. There always having said that when a people doing any good or bad and the karma will come just don’t know when it will come.  After attending the lesson, it provides me more insight on what is Karma and how it will apply in our lifetime. There are four main type of actions for Karma to be exist which are physical, mental, energy and emotional. The Karma can only been exist in the following condition: Intention, Action, Outcome, Consequence, Emotional, Content and Reaction.

I’m also been aware that  many impressions (Varsana) will form into one thought; many thought/ thots (Samskaras) will come into one action (Kriya, Karma)

We will experience and pass through the following three types of Karma in our lifetime:

  • Sanchita Karma: The accumulate of the past live; the total karma accumulated by a Jiva over previous lifetimes
    Jiva refers to the energy body that have physical structure/body
  • Prarabdha Karma: The portion of Sanchita Karma which will fructify in this lifetime
  • Agami Karma: The Karma created in this lifetime. Some Agami fructifies in this lifetime while the balance joins the Sanchita pools.

This is important to know that we are unable to make any changes/modification on the Sanchita Karma in this lifetime, however we are able to identify the patterns of the Sanchita Karma so that we can handle the Prarabdha Karma in more useful way to find out own capability and nature talent that you have when born for us to create the Agami Karma. 

Besides, from the research also know that the bad/evil karma which was done and it will not be able offset by good karmas that you did. You will deserve for the result from good karma as well as the result from the bad karma (if any) respectively.

“How shall we apply Agami Karma in our lifetime?” 

First, we shall think more before our action and words. In addition, we can start to form a new pattern in our lifetime like practise 10 minutes of Pranayama and 30 to 45 minutes of Asana on a daily basis. In addition, it will be great that we can also practise the dharana, eventually it will slowly change on the mental framework. For me, it just started on my yoga journey, by practising a little daily, hoping that I can be feel and sense the different in myself in near future. 🙂