What if everything happens for a reason?

I could say that I had fallen into yoga accidentally when more than one year ago I was offered a trial class. And now, for almost 3 weeks I have been practicing yoga regularly in my daily life.

For me, yoga is not a physical performance, it is rather a journey towards personal well-being. I will say that I allow myself to tame my body until I will be able to control it better. Once my mind is ready then I can challenge myself but not to the point of making it an obsession.

I know I am improving, making progress every day without aiming for performance as I deeply know it will discourage me. And frankly, I have really noticed some real improvements. I can measure my own progress and self-growth through those weeks of yoga practice.

I used to struggle against myself on the mat, but now I have learned to better release the tensions in my body thanks to my breathing. And even if flexibility is not an end in itself today I’m happy to say that I am quite proud of myself.

Breathing also helped deal better with stress and anxious feelings. Yoga has become more than a physical practice, it is a real state of mind for me .

Now when I look back at my first yoga class, I truly believe that everything happens for a (good) reason and it happens when it is supposed to.