What have I learnt from Yoga?

In my last 2 posts, I explored the topics of why i started yoga and how yoga fits into my lifestyle. In this post, I hope to reflect a little more on my journey thus far. Specifically, what I have learnt from Yoga.

Firstly, I am blessed to have embarked on this yoga journey. Through yoga, I have built connections with people and more importantly, a stronger body and mind. In part, my personality / character is one that when I am truly interested and passionate about a topic, I drill deep and I drill hard. What this means is, developing a strong understanding through personal experience. Basically, I want to try it all, learn it all and do it well.

In terms of learnings, I have 2 key takeaways – consciousness about the “now” and detachment.

Through Yoga, I have learnt about the importance of being conscious. Specifically, being conscious about the “now”, in the present moment. I don’t know how many categories or types of people there are out there, but I am a thinker. I think and I wonder. But at the same time, my thoughts could float from one topic to another easily. Something can happen during the day and I would reflect on it later at night. I recall in my earlier days of practice, contrary to how yoga should be practiced, I find my thoughts lingering from a mix of important tasks to do after practice to reflecting on a particular moment that had happened recently in my life. By shifting this focus now more onto my practice, I find that it has helped with my focus in my tasks and my thought process. Not to let clutter find its way into my brain and to focus on living in the now.

Through Yoga, I have also learnt about detachment. I find this learning particularly useful when I detach from things that are not within my control. I used to be very hung up on negative experiences. In part, I dislike saying no. When things do not fall in place, I get upset or angry. However, I start to experience a shift in my perspective of things as my Yoga practice deepens. There are always things that will not be in one’s control. I still feel some emotions whenever things do not go according to plans. However, I find myself being able to get out of these situations a lot faster now than before.