What has YTT done to me?

I didn’t want to wait till the end of my course to write this post. Tomorrow marks the last week of my YTT training. Yes, time does fly.

In the previous week, I started to reflect increasingly on myself and the training. Did I gain anything from the course? If yes, what did I gain? Did I improve?

I shared with some of my classmates that I feel that our class has a very strong energy, that not only binds us together, but also motivates us to work together to improve. And I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. With this energy, together with the focus of the training, the relentless ‘sweet revenge’ teachings by the teachers, I saw myself improving the most with the 3 weeks, compared to my years of yoga practice. I learn something new everyday, which is good for my aging brain!

In the last 3 weeks, I am even busier compared to when I was working. After the daily class, I have to run the family errands and then come back home to do the daily homework and reading. But it was fulfilling. My body may be tired but my mind is not.

In this coming week, we will focus on completing our assessments to attain the certification and we will then go on our separate paths. Some of us will return to our previous routines, some of us will start nervously on our first teaching classes and some of us will continue to explore and think of what we should do next.

It is a great way to start the new year. I will miss dearly the energy that the class has brought to me. Thank you to my teachers and classmates in the full time Jan 2019 YTT Tirisula batch !