First weekend of Yoga Teacher Training 200hrs Trisula

I thought it’s a good idea for a first blog topic as it could later serve as a reminder of my objectives and first experience with Trisula.

I decided, like many other of my fellow students, to join yoga teacher training to deepen my practice and potentially being able to help family and friends to practice, since I’ve seen such tremendous benefits in my own life.

Nine out of 10 times I prefer to experience something first hand for myself rather than build up unrealistic expectations. So besides speaking to one of the trainers from Trisula prior to deciding to take the course, the only other information I received beforehand was the email communication and minor website browsing.

I must say I am pleasantly surprised after my first weekend and interaction with Paalu and Satya. Besides their rich experience, they both have a very pleasant, interactive demeanour when dealing with us as students. We are 24 class members spread across all walks of life and levels of experience. I love the studio and environment. 

A typical class consists of approximately 2 hours of practical training, an hour lunch break, and the rest is theory. I am very excited to endeavour on this journey of self discovery and intimate knowledge of yoga in all it’s facets together with my class mates.

– Karin Schoombee – March 2018 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training –