My first week

Monday, November 3, I woke up early, was my first day in my 200 hour course to be yoga teacher training, I was nervous, excited without ever imagining that I expected.
My unique experience doing yoga has been only in the gym.
When entering the room and saw so many girls young and elastic I felt fear and just thought “what am I doing here? I already 42 years, as I’m going to do what they are doing?
Wore the morning , we started to do asanas, I saw the others girls and my thoughts were still confusing me and I repeated ” what am I doing here?
Term class and I felt relief, get home, my children asked me as it was my first day, I smiled and I said very good, but my only thought “I have to give up”
The next day we met Paslu when I saw him, they returned my negative thoughts, his first words were: don’t compare, don’t look at their sides, we are all different”
I felt a great relief to hear those words.
On Wednesday could not move me, I had pain all over my body, but when it gets done “headstand” I felt a joy, Paalu told me that it was very well have achieved in my first attempt.
My fears have been changing, not I have lost them, but since that is what it really is the yoga, which is not only to make poses and doubled as a contortionist.
I learned that yoga is the union between mind and body, and I’m just starting my way to get that union.
A friend told e that it was crazy that as it is did I get into this, the only yoga was for women thin and elastic, and only replied: “maybe I’m crazy and this crazy but now I started to enjoy my journey into madness.
Where is my big goal to achieve the union of my mind and my body.
Carmen 200hr teacher training.

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