We live in a world of excess

We live in a world of excess.  We strive for that promotion, we strive for higher pay, we strive to get the latest iPhone, we strive to get the branded car.  We think by filling our lives with these material goods we will be happier.  It is definitely happiness when we first lay our hands on these material goods, but it is so temporary, so transient. We then need to buy more, to get the same feeling, again and again.  To buy more, would mean more stress and pressure.  Have we asked ourselves if the feeling of bliss and happiness can be permanent? What is it?  Is it expensive? is it attainable?  I have found the secret in Yoga; it is so simple and yet we ignore it in our daily lives.  Breathe!  Take a deep breath, feel the air pass through your nose, through the wind pipe and filling up lungs.  Yoga teaches and constantly remind us to breathe.  Inhale with each action, exhale with another.  Every motion, every pose is accompanied by inhale and exhale.  AS we concentrate on breathing, the time seemed to pass slower.  We are more connected to the environment, we are more aware of our body, we are more aware of our thoughts.  We are more at peace and we are definitely much happier.