We are all connected.

We are all connected. Whether we realize it or not, our actions impact one another. Yoga teaches us to pay closer attention to cause and effect of actions in life. Just as we develop our Asana practice by learning how muscle groups are interconnected, and see how a posture can improve significantly if we simply reposition our palm or shift our weight to the back foot, we become more in tuned with how our actions affect the people around us. As we practice in a group class, we may notice how one person toppling out of a balancing posture such as Vrkshasana (tree pose) can bring down others around. We may also notice how one person’s negative mood in class can bring down the collective energy of the class. Nowadays, with social media significantly reducing the degrees of separation within our communities, our actions are more powerful than ever – positive or negative. Everyone has the capacity and responsibility to effect powerful positive change, even from the smallest of actions. Understanding this, I believe it is so important now to help spread this message of interconnectedness to encourage more mindful action. This is a key message I want to spread as I continue my yoga journey and teach others along the way.