I'm a warrior!!

First of all, I’d like you to watch this Japanese commercial which title is “SURVIVE!! GLOBALIZATION”. I like it very much.  (Click ‘CC’ for English caption) 




This is a Cup Noodles’s commercial from NISSIN, well known in Singapore as well. Especially, if you have Japanese friends, it must be fun. 

When this was on TV last year in Japan, I heard that NISSIN got a lot of complains and sympathies from TV viewers. Some people said it was rude with the Japanese some of top companies (UNIQLO, RAKUTEN, NISSAN, SHARP etc…) which had changed their official language in English already before it was on TV. The others said it was too self-ridicule and pathetic for Japanese. But, I think this kind of people are Japanese. Of course including me, we are fighting with ourselves.

I’ve always wanted to overcome such a mental issue which the people in the commercial have, not only English. I didn’t have any confidents to jump into the new world and get through it until few years ago. But I think yoga practice gives me a lot of awareness and the way how to gain self-confidence. 


“Remember not to get frustrated with yourself”
“Remember not to rush the movement”
“Be patient with yourself”
“Take it easy, go step by step”
“Keep practicing, and it will come”
“Enjoy your journey!!”….etc.


These words gave me positive energy a lot!! I would like to say thank you to all of my yoga teachers.
Small little improvements everyday make a huge differences over a lifetime of practice. I’ll keep that in mind and practicing even if it seems impossible, not only yoga but also my English 😉


Chiaki Kikumoto   200hr TTC May 

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