Vyaghrasana/Tiger Pose

Vyaghrasana (Tiger Pose)


 Tiger Pose table position

 Get on your hands and knees, into the so-called table position by putting your hands flat on the mat, wrist and elbow under your shoulder, top of your feet flat on the floor, engage you core muscles for stability


 Tiger pose exhale

 Inhale and as you exhale bring the right knee towards your forehead. The back is rounded and the core muscles contract to keep the leg lifted. Retain your breath


 Tiger Pose inhale

Inhale, extend the right leg back and bend your knee, lengthen your spine , level your hips and try to bring the toes as close to your head as possible, look forward and slightly upward, retain breath with your lungs full.

 Alternate between this 2 positions, follow the rhythm of your breath. Inhaling with extension, exhaling with contraction.

 Practice up to 5 times with right leg and then 5 times with left leg.



Place a blanket under your knees to protect them from pressure and stress



Tones the spinal nerves, relaxes the sciatic nerves, loosens up legs, tones up vaginal passage very effective after child delivery, stretches abdominal muscles, promotes digestion, stimulates blood circulation


Contradictions and cautions:

Don’t do this pose if you have weak back sciatica, a slipped disc or serious problems with your wrists and knees

BUT it is not a problem for pregnant women and young mothers to practice this pose.



Svadhisthana Chakra (Sacrum)




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