“Vrscika” is a scorpion. This pose in its advanced stage resembles a scorpion with its tail arched back over its head for attacking.  It requires strength on  the shoulder and upper back, although when in the position, little strength is needed as you find your balance and relaxation into this posture.
The Posture
As a comparatively difficult posture, for beginner I suggest you to do it against the wall for safely purpose. Place your  forearms and hands on the ground of shoulder-width, walk your feet towards your body then one leg at a time, place your feet or heels against the wall push your hips slightly forward and tighten your buttock for support, your eyes look down to your hands. So,  please do not force yourself to lift up if you have weak spine or spine problems. To recover, reverse your path slowly and carefully then move into the child’s pose so that your head and neck are supported in line with the rest of your spine.
People who can practise this posture usually with a very stable mind and strong will.  Of course you can also enhance your balancing, improve lung function, stimulate inner muscles and train a stronger spine.

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