Vitamin B12

Some people become vegan as a result of yoga practicing, despite there is no strict rule of  being vegan in yoga practicing. Some people claim that they just feel the fruit, vegetable and nuts are good enough  to them after some time of practicing Yoga. They do not want to eat meat anymore.
It is true that vegetarian diet can provide  for most of the nutrition the body need. Even for the most concerned nutrition by vegan protein, there are many vegetarian food can provide enough amount  of which for vegan.  However, people tend to neglect one nutrition that is vital to health but very rare in vegetarian diet. It is Vitamin B12.
Vitamin B12 can be obtained from meat, eggs and dairy product.  But vegetable and fruit do not contain Vitamin B12. Therefore there is a high risk that vegan suffering the Vitamin B12 deficiency.
There are two main functions for Vitamin B12:

  1. It is important for the way the body works.
  2. It also helps in the production of healthy red blood cells that carry oxygen around the body.

Therefore , for people who do not have enough Vitamin B12 tend to feel tired and feel having lack of energy. Or they may suffer anemia, because the red blood cells is abnormal and unhealthy to function properly as result of Vitamin B12 deficiency. They may feel faint, fatigue headache or lack of appetite and so on.
As vegan who do not eat the major source of Vitamin B12: meat, eggs and dairy products, we need to pay more attention to it. Since it has been  scientifically proved that: vegan cannot get Vitamin B12 from any plant food discovered so far (source:,   I think the only way to get enough Vitamin B12 is through supplement . For example we can eat enough Fortified Cereals . The amount of Vitamin B12 contained in 30g of all bran cereal is 6ug (source:, which is enough for our daily requirement( 6ug).
However, even though Vitamin B12 is very important to health, it is cannot being taken too much. There are also so many side effects for taking too much of Vitamin B12. Therefore when we taking the supplement of Vitamin B12, we have to take notice of the amount we taking.  The Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition recommends 6 µg per day, based on a caloric intake of 2,000 calories, for adults and children four or more years of age.
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