While I was looking through my recipe ingredients list that I consumed daily and studying the 7 Chakra in deeper knowledge. I came to realise all this while I’ve consumed most of the food that related to the fifth Chakra – Visuddha. I am excited and hope I can share with you what are the food that I consumed and how it affected me so far.


Visuddha, the throat Chakra located at the throat area closed to the cervical spine. It refers to “especially pure”. The symbol for Visuddha is a blue triangle surrounded by 16 purple petals. It is also associated with the element of Ether. 


Ths chakra expresses our authentic voice and ability to speak our truth openly and purely but also our ability to understand our own needs and desires and being able to communicate them freely to others. 


The signs of underactivity: Inability to communicate, express creativity, feelings and emotions; procrastination, stagnation, flakiness and difficulty in being honest.  Physically, we might have problems with hearing, sore throat, and toothache.

The signs of overactivity: words might often come out from your mouth before thinking, over opinionated, regularly raising your voice to interrupt others, not accepting what others say.   


Sign of function: Expressing yourself freely, speaking with truth, openness and kindness, being assertive and communicating your desires without feeling guilty.


Few years back, before I consumed what I’ve eaten today, I was a very mean person. I often speak with a rising voice and not think before I speak. This resulted in many around me being hurt by what I said. Sometimes, I am not able to speak what’s in my heart, I think it is shameful to tell others how I think, and that’s resulted in me always sabotaging myself with my feelings. 

These days, people around me will always tell me ‘you have changed a lot!! You are the same person as last time, you look better!, “How can you speak so calmly?” well, I like what others comment about me! Hahahhah I hope this can help you to change a better you too.

Just one thing to remember, change is not happening overnight, it takes time to be who you want to be. 


Here’s what I discovered from my recipe and I like to bake it for breakfast and tea break. 


Cranberry & Orange Muffins 


4 Cups ground almonds

4 tsp baking powder

2 tsp ground cinnamon 

8 eggs, whisk

2 tsp vanilla extract

Finely grated zest of 1 orange

2 cups overripe banana

1 ⅔ cup dried cranberries

350g finely grated carrots

1 tbsp pumpkin seed



Preheat the oven to 180c. Line a muffin tin with 6 papers cases. In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients and thoroughly stir together, making sure all the ingredients are incorporated. Transfer the batter to the muffin cases and sprinkle each with pumpkin seeds. Bake for 30 mins or until cooked. Remove the oven and allow to cool before serving.