Vishudda Chakra

Vishudda, or the throat chakra, is the fifth out of the seven chakras. The sanskirt word for “pure” or “purity”, Vishudda is central in transforming experiences into wisdom. Vishudda governs our speech, communication, self­expression, power of choice and our sense of truth.. Ideally, this chakra connects with all the other chakras, drawing energy from the mind, heart and the body through the act of communication.

This chakra is located in the neck, throat, jaw, and mouth, and provides a bridge between the Anahata chakra and the upper chakras, Anja and Sahasrara. The colour associated with Vishudda is turquoise blue and the element, Ether. Ether is the last physical element associated with the seven chakras as we move upwards. The sense for ether is hearing as ether carries the vibration of sound. The organs of knowledge are the ears as they process sound and the organs of action are the vocal cords as they produce sound and allow us to communicate. Sound is purifying ­ If we think of the way we feel after simply singing along with a favorite song, and how positively we feel inside, that’s Vishudda at work.

Vishuddha is represented by a sky blue lotus of sixteen petals. The bija mantra for Vishuddha Chakra is ham, this sound resonates through the throat and jaw and activates this chakra.

On a physical level, Vishuddha maintains the endocrine system which coordinates the balance of spiritual and physical growth throughout our lives. It also governs the organs used in communication and creativity, such as the mouth, tongue, teeth, throat, ears, eyes and hands. Vishuddha also relates to the thyroid which regulates the body’s metabolism thus an imbalance may manifest itself in a number of ways, including sore throats, teeth problems, sinus infections or thyroid problems.The balance of this chakra determines our honesty and how well we expresses ourselves with the people around. Having balanced energy in Vishuddha allows us to express our beliefs and needs openly without fearing other’s judgments or opinions. Being consciously aware and listening to the inner voice of truth brings the act of communication into alignment with our highest self, and balances the Vishudda chakra.
Blocked Vishuddha energy can result in an inability to communicate and half­truths or untruths may be spoken. Creative energy may also be choked off at the blocked Vishudda chakra. Excessive energy in the throat may cause excessive talking, interrupting and the inability to listen to those around us. We may feel overly critical of others, be verbally abusive or communicate in a brash, loud and aggressive way. Other signs of an overactive throat chakra is the inability to keep promises, compulsive lying or even gossiping.

Asanas which can help balance the Vishudda chakra are neck stretches and shoulder openers, including Ustrasana (Camel Pose), Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose), Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand), and Halasana (Plow Pose). Pranamaya such as Brahmari breath (bumble bee) also helps to activate the Vishudda chakra.

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