Virabhadrasana III

Virabhadrasana III belongs among the other worrier poses to the most beneficial and powerful of all yoga poses. It requires concentration together with balance, strength as well as a good sense of body awareness. This posture can be practiced at any point during standing poses. There are none contraindications.

Start in Tadasana the mountain pose and raise both arms straight over your head palms touching each other.  Lift the spine with the help of the erector spinae back muscle and the quadratus lumborum in the lower back. Lift the arms involving the anterior deltoids in the shoulder and straighten the elbow whit the engagement of the triceps. Slowly move the weight of your trunk forward balancing on the right leg. At the same time lift the left leg behind you by sqeezing the gluteus maximus. The hip and the standing leg are now flexed in a 90degree angle. The knees in both legs are being straightened through the quadriceps found in front of the thighs. Remain your raised leg, torso and arms parallel to the floor. Elongate by reaching forward through your fingers as if somebody is pulling you and by pressing the heel backward as if you want to push something heavy backwards. Feel the tingling sensation arising in the very tip of your fingers and try to visualize your body as the capital letter T.

With continuous practice of this powerful standing pose you will benefit from an increase in stamina as well as an improvement in the strength of your the legs. Worrier III is therefore strongly recommended for runners. It is also toning the abdominal organs and muscles and develops harmony and a good sense of balance in the body.

Virabhadrasana III is energetic on the manipura chakra.

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