Virabhadrasana II

Asana and Anatomy: Virabhadrasana 2

  • External rotation of the right hip (when turning the right foot out 90 degrees).
  • Protraction and retraction of scapulae when arms are extended.
  • Contract muscles: Right leg: Quadriceps femoris,  abductors, Glutes Maximus (both legs), tibialis anterior, iliopsoas, Tensor fasciae latae.
  • Arms:  Stretch the Aterior Deltoid and contract the lateral & posterior Deltoids, contract Trapezius.
  • Stretch muscles: Iliopsoas (left leg), Hamstring (right leg), adductors(right leg), Tensor fasciate latae(left leg).
  • Good circulation: Open the chest(from retract the scapulae) with the spine straight to allow more air to entire the lungs when we breathe (more Oxygen into lungs and contracts the diaphragm which tones the abdominal organs).
  • Pelvic region is toned because all of the contraction of muscles around the hips area which is good for reproductive system.
  • Going into the pose: Hold with Ujjayi breaths for 5 minutes.
  • Separate the feet wide apart more than shoulder width, with feet parallel to each other (about 4-5 feet apart). Turn the right foot out 90 degrees and at the same time spread the arms out to the side at shoulder level.
  • Bend the right knee so that the knee is directly above the right heel (90 degrees), lower the hips to the same level with the right knee (make sure the hips are facing straight forward).
  • Protract the scapulae by extending both arms and depress the scapulae, turn the head to look toward the right hand with the chin parallel with the right arm.
  • Tuck the tail bone down, draw the navel in, keep the spine and the neck in one straight line

Possible Limitations for this pose :

    • Spine is not straight (scoliosis), knee problems (arthritis), sore neck.
    • The easy option for these are: Try to keep the spine straight as much as they can (do not over strain the body), get the feet closer only 3 feet apart instead of 4 feet apart so there is less pressure on the knee.
    • No need to turn the head toward the hand, can face forward.
Variations for the pose:
  • Move the left foot away from the right foot until the right hip is parallel with the floor.
  • Hold for a long time (5 minutes) to tone all the muscles and encourage breathing more.


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