Vicious or Virtuous or Of-No-Quality

Life tends to be a vicious cycle.  We go on asking questions while the answer is embedded in the question.  When the questions arises, the answer gets hidden.  As the question gathers more intensity, the answer moves further away.  One thing leads to another until the cycle gets complete, goes full circle. 

To move in cycles and circles is boredom, adds more pressure to our being, makes us gravitate further to the centre of the earth.  It totally eliminates our childness in us, playfulness disappears. The charm is lost, charisma gets tainted with mud, the magnet of the earth bogs us down to the lava. This same routine is performed life after life.  We hardly change, we never change.  We assume we have changed. The mind paints the picture of change and con-vince us that we have changed. Mind disguises it’s cunningness by using the notion of Time as it’s mask.

This disguise is unmasked when the mind is put to rest, it’s viciousness is converted and transformed.  Whenever and wherever there is consciousness, there is a revolution against this atomic disaster.

Your consciousness has remained juvenile. The tragedy can be removed. You have remained in this revolution because you have an attachment to the routine.  All you need is to be being TOTAL, remain Of-No-Quality.

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