Most of us are curious to know about what the future holds. We want to know the answers to questions like “How come I cannot attract money?” , “Why are others so rich, why can’t i?”, “When will this happen?”, “Will I be rich?”, “Why am I not lucky?” .


When you approach an astrologer, you are eager to find a solution to your problems. The astrologer gives his prediction. But there is no way to know the basis of his prediction if you lack knowledge of the science behind Astrology.


The good news is that you can now learn to make your own calculated predictions of the future through simple Astrological techniques.  This course focusses on attracting wealth, fortune and success.  Everyone has a particular time in their lives where the timing and planetary positions are absolutely Perfect for them to create the wealth that they want.


Those rich persons have made use of the position and time to become rich.  The chance comes a few times in your life.  You think the are lucky.  Not true.  They have made use of the opportunity!!!  They did not know they will rich.  You start thinking you will never be rich and wealth.  Don’t miss the several opportunities that appear in your life.  Make use of it.  Do the right thing!!!!   Don’t regret!!!!


I used think like you.  But I learned to make use of the timing and planet positions to create wealth.  Like me, so can you.  Nobody is born poor and born to be poor.  God has created everyone equally.  So why are some so lucky??  Find out the answers!!


Don’t miss your opportunity again!!!


Some of us have been led to believe that Astrology is for the scholarly and the mathematically inclined. But you can learn it too!! Like I did!

Who should do it?

  • Everyone should learn this, young to seniors

Course Content:

Our Vedic Astrology course for Wealth includes:

  • Introduction to Astrology14424617357_87e0aba6d8_b
  • Understand How The Planets Influence Us for Wealth and Fortune
  • How Houses Affect Your Life & How They Have An Effect
  • The Qualities & Elements of the 12 Sun Signs
  • The Cardinal Signs
  • The Fixed Signs
  • The Mutable Signs
  • Fire Signs
  • Earth Signs
  • Air Signs
  • Water Signs
  • What Are Aspects? – Understanding Aspects & Angles
  • Planets in the Houses – What They Do & How They May Impact Your Life
  • Planets in the Signs
  • More About Houses: House Types
  • The Angular Houses  – This Is Where You Start Things
  • Succedent Houses – This Is Where You Develop Things
  • Cadent Houses   – This Is  Where You Think (or not) & Prepare To Act
  • Wealth and fortune confluence of planets and houses
  • How to make use of this confluence to Create Your Desired Wealth


None at all

Why join the programme at Tirisula?

  • This course is taught by Master Paalu, the best Yogic Science and Philosophy teacher in the region.
  • Non- religious


  • 3 days of 7 hours daily = 21 hours


  • These are the course fees in Singapore. Course fees in other countries may differ slightly.
  • Early bird (Register 8 weeks before the start date of the course): SGD 2800
  • Standard fees: SGD 3100
  • Buddy fees : SGD 5000 for 2 pax
  • Fees paid are non-refundable

When is it?

Weekdays batch:
24, 25, 26 Feb 2016
(Wed, Thurs & Fri)


Weekend batch:
25, 26, 27 Mar 2016
(Good Fri, Sat & Sun)


Time: 9am to 5pm (1 hr lunch break in between; lunch is free and easy)


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Private Group Class

If you want to have a private group class, please contact us. Min 10 pax to start.





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